Kitchen reno: the final chapter

The final chapter unless you count all of the little things we still need to do like painting a bit a trim, a bit of caulking etc…

Not much to say. I’ll let the photos do the talking. Enjoy!IMG_4328


Yeah, so I left a few things on the counter.  I’m no stager.


What I see when I walk in the front door.  Makes me smile.


The new bank of drawers.


The hidden spice rack.  Just brilliant.

The drawer butcher block is a find I’ll treasure forever.  Available here.


Look at the curve on the moulding.  Tim Soper is an artist.  The cupboards were inspired by pinterest pics: Here and here.


I love the metal grating for the vents and how they tie the cupboard fronts together.

Huge amounts of storage and a clever broom closet, another Tim Soper invention.

IMG_4342 2IMG_4341IMG_4327IMG_4347

IMG_4361 2

The flour drawer.  One of Tim Soper’s genius inventions.

and that pretty much completes our tour.  Now look at me…





Look back….

the awkward stoveLook again!  Yep. I can’t believe it either.IMG_4336




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