Kitchen Reno: the years in between

Facebook reminded me today that I had intended to document my disaster of a kitchen and our renos as they happened.  Years have passed since this post and this one. We covered the outdated colours and wallpaper, the awkwardly placed and aging appliances, how I managed to save the original hinges on the doors and finally, the discovery of the yellow formica under the contact paper.  When I left off, the next step was to have our friend Jamie come over and paint the cupboards.  We painted the walls and then did this:

plasticJamie took the doors to his workshop but the rest of the cupboards needed to be sprayed on site.  We had to move out for a bit but the new colour on the walls and the paint on the cupboards made the whole kitchen brighter and more enjoyable so it was worth it.  The pictures aren’t much but you get the idea:

kitchen cupboardsAway went the awkward cupboard.  The stove was still awkward and the oddly grouped appliance corner remained the same:

applianceRemember, these two corners looked like this:

fridge and dishwasher

the awkward stoveNot bad I’d say.  And there the reno stayed from quite a while.  I did manage a table and shelves near the back door and the next picture is the only one I have…Years passed and the roll-y dishwasher started to cut into the floor which was in terrible condition to begin with and we realized it was time to move forward.  But the awkward layout still posed challenges so, we tried different layouts:

layoutI was convince that this layout, proposed by our close friend, Chris, would never work.  I just couldn’t see it with the stove shoved in front of the door.  Maybe it was the state of the kitchen?  The bagels were delicious : ).  You can see how bad the flooring was though…


flooringAnd this is where I think we made our only mistake with the reno.  We put on peel and stick flooring.  It only took a few hours and it looked/looks great.

flooring type

flooringjoshWho knew vinyl tile could be grouted!  It still looks good, I just wish we could have afforded a better floor because we’ll have to deal with it eventually.  It’ll be a pain now that we have built in cupboards…but I’m getting ahead of myself…

behindstoveFirst we decided to follow Chris’s design advice and we took out the backdoor.  Thanks to our handy father-in-law, we were able to install our new to us stove (thanks Andrew and Jonathan) and vent a range hood.

behind stove 2Its fuzzy but you get the picture.  Oh and we bought a new fridge.

stoveAnd with the stove is a better spot we were able to install a dishwasher in the cupboard that was previously hidden.

dishwasherAnd that is where it was left once again for a good long time.  Until we met Tom and John and they saw the possibilities I was missing.  I’ll leave you with these drawings and then, soon, I’ll take pictures of their brilliance and share it with all of you.




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