Mama’s got a brand new…door.

The first day of Spring found us still under a blanket of snow outside.  So what is a mama to do but add some colour inside?  We are slowly making progress on the kitchen.  The wallpaper is down, walls scrubbed, repaired and painted (Benjamin Moore Woodlawn blue if you are wondering).  We decided to use the same colour in the hall, up the stairs and into the hall upstairs.  The tile backsplash will be painted and so far with only one coat of primer it is looking fantastic.  Jamie of The Painted Pear is coming next week to prep and spray lacquer our tired, old cabinets – I am so excited about this part!!

Before I play show and tell with a few pics of the kitchen in progress and my “new” front door, I have to show you this new trick I learned!!

paintedhingesSee this?  This is what the hardware in my kitchen looks like right now.  They been painted over multiple times and they are not so pretty to look at.  What to do, what to do.  I have found an amazing and easy solution!

crock pot magicFirst I went to VV and bought a crock pot for $5.  Then I added water, Nellie’s Washing Soda (which I buy locally at Go Green Baby) and my painted hinges.  I covered it with the lid and left them for 1/2 an hour.  When I came back the paint slid right off!  Amazing.  They are still not the prettiest hinges ever but I’m keeping with my “make it do” mantra so they stay.

shinynewhingesThey are so very shiny and new looking now after all.  This method of cleaning old hardware got me to thinking about all the old and paint splattered doorknobs and hinges around here.  So I took the hardware off my front door too and cleaned those too…


The inside knob…

doorknoboutsideThe outside knob…

They cleaned up okay using this method but they still needed some scrubbing with a toothbrush and some brass cleaner.  And since I had the hardware off I should probably paint the door finally with some Chalk Paint in Emperor’s Silk Red (of course I should)…

door prep

The before…


door and jacketsThe afters…see the gleaming “new” hardware???  Can you even believe it was THAT dirty?  Sort of embarrassing really…and now (also embarrassingly) I need to touch up the trim which the painters tape ripped off : (.


I love my entryway now!  This is a Sarah Jane print that stays up all year (so I’ll always have a little bit of winter nearby)…

hooksI found these adorable hooks a few years ago at Kilborn’s my favourite store to get lost in…

There are still a few finishes that need to happen in this front hall, namely taking the old worn out linoleum floor (which has old asbestos backed linoleum underneath which means getting some professionals in here) and thrifting a table for the bottom of the stairs.  Good thing yard sale season is starting soon!

kitchen colourHere is a peek at the colour in the kitchen.  You can see the sorry cupboards in the corner waiting for their turn to be transformed.  In this pick the hallway is still the old taupe/pink/brown colour that I’ve hated since we moved in.  The colour has made such a difference already.  The kitchen is brighter and the white appliances looks so much better.

yellowshelfsurpriseI found a surprise under some old contact paper on the corner shelves…bright yellow, old school formica.  I love it!

So cupboards, flooring, and painting trim still to do…but it is all coming along.  I can’t wait until Jamie works his magic next week.  I promise to get the finished photos up as soon as it is finished.

What do you think so far?


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