Love list from last week…

Life has been a blur lately.  My love lists are my way of remembering these little gems…

This week I loved…

1.  listening to my daughter whistle, sing and um, caw (oh my!) at the birds on our walk to school.  She told me it is not hard to talk to birds. One need only make their voice a little more “birdish” than usual.  She also confided that she is not 100% certain what she is saying to them but she is just as certain that they understand what she means.  Sometimes it is like my heart will burst…

2.  how much my girls enjoyed discovering Billy Joel as a musician.  Specifically and especially they seem to love “Uptown girl”.  There may even be a plan for the girls to dress as Christy Brinkley for Hallowe’en while their dad dresses up as Billy Joel the mechanic from the video.  I guess I’ll just hold the bags of candy, as three Christy Brinkleys would surely be too much.

3.  our evening family walks and snowball fights.

4. how angry Mrs. Iverson was on the morning of March 1st when she looked out the window and saw that there was still snow covering her grass.  Apparently she had been explicitly told at school that spring started in March and in the spring there would be grass…repeat this scene the morning of March 2nd.  Can’t wait for tomorrow.

5.  growing into my role as mama to someone who is not so very little anymore.  While I still feel like I have no idea if what I’m saying and doing is the right thing or not, I’m pretty excited (and relieved) to see what a kind, understanding and insightful young person she is growing into.

Sigh, life is busy and shows no signs of stopping for the next little while…I’ll take theses moments when I can get them : )


2 responses

  1. Special memories…..I too try to capture them by keeping a journal. This weekend’s quote was “I save up my badness for home”. Lovely. My little miss and her class are tap-dancing to Uptown Girl this year, with lots of hip swings, tapping of the wrist, etc. Too fun.

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