10 things I’m in love with right now…

1. Needing to shut off the light in her microscope every night for the past 4 nights when checking in on Lil’S before I head to bed.

2.  Sipping hot chocolate rink-side with Mrs. Iverson and having her turn to me and say “mama,  I love everything!” (she is not one to limit her love to a mere 10 things).

3.  Listening to cousins play together, especially when the 11-year-old is just as into it as the 4 year olds.

4.  Meandering through vintage shops and architectural salvage haunts picking up needed bits to finish off the kitchen.

5.  Listening as my daughter composes a song on the piano that she is working hard to have sound like “morning, birds and joy”.

6.  Watching the Missus channel Robert Munch himself as she read “50 below zero” to her newest cousin during his visit.

7.  Surprise visits from metropolitan uncles.

8.  Walking to school in snowstorms.

9.  Skiing at night with a really great bunch of women.

10.  Joining in spontaneous singing of Ho! Hey! by the Lumineers ,with the rest of the patrons at the coffee shop while my children danced.