When Handmade is not your thing…

I get it.  Handmade may not be you “thing”.  Maybe you lack the space, the time, the talent (although I doubt it)…my goal is certainly not to make everything I give and so sometimes it feels right to give something someone else has made.  This city I live in has no shortage of fantastic artisans and craft fairs.  With the rise of Etsy, there is a whole world of handmade at your fingertips!  Here are some of my favourite handmade things that I didn’t have to find time to make myself:

1.   Handcrafted knitting needles:

knittingneedles I picked these gorgeous needles up at the Squam Art Fair in NH this summer and they are destined for a very special knitter in my life.  You can find more treasures made by the maker Cynthis Ellis at Wood By C.

2.  A whimsical print by Fig Design:

fig designThis one caught my eye as the perfect gift for my new nephew.  It captures a dreamy sort of boyhood adventure one might have especially if you’re a boy growing up in Newfoundland.

3.  These endearing and quirky lockets from the Black Apple:

bear dance locket


I bought these last year for my girls (if anyone remembers Lil’S and her “bat/mask” phase, you’ll know which one was hers).

4. Hammered Feather Cuff Bangle:


These beauties are handmade with love – it says so right on the website!  I was lucky enough to receive the brass bangle as a gift and I do love wearing it.  Check out Salvage Jewelry Co. to find more gems made from deconstructed vintage jewelry that have been reinvented by designer Brandy Olley, to create inspired, modern pieces.

5.  A vintage inspired headband or hair piece:


Mrs. Iverson was the lucky one to receive a headband by Jasmin and Olive for her birthday.  These hair adornments and headbands look fantastic on people of any age.  Simple and gorgeous.

Where are you favourite places to shop for handmade gifts?


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