Finally a window seat…

For most of my life I have dreamed of having a window seat.  A place to curl up with a good book, a cup of tea, to dreamily stare out the window…and now I have one!  I suppose it isn’t a “real” window seat if you use a strict definition but I did make it myself and I’m calling it a window seat.  And as with all good do-it-myself projects this one took a few years to find all of the furniture pieces in it and of course it is only recently that we found this house that has the perfect window in it…

Unfortunately I did it again.  I forgot to take a really good before picture so this will have to do:

I found these babies at an estate sale a few years ago.   They were actually not for sale.  They were being used to hold up a piece of plywood that was acting as a table to display a bunch of smaller household items.  The gentleman running the place finally agreed to let me buy them…for $25 each!  They have worked well as storage for toys,games and dress up clothes but as you can see they are in rough shape (see the water stains down the front?).

Next up, I found this Ikea shelf much more recently at the local Salvation Army store for $10.  It didn’t have any other shelves other that the permanent one so we used the leftovers from the closet transformation.  We had to cut them to fit but they work well.  And yes, you guessed it the girls and I painted it white with…say it with me…Chalk Paint!

Then came finding some 2 inch foam at Joanne’s Fabrics while on a trip to the States this summer.  It was 50% off  so I got it for $32.  I wrapped it in batting as per the wonderful instructions I found by Pretty Handy Girl (hands down the best instructions of how to make a seat cushion out there!).  The batting I found at Fabricland during another 50% off sale so add another $15 to the price tag of this project.

Of course we’re going to need some fabric to make the cover with.  Now here is the thing friends.  I don’t know how other bloggers do it.  I have time to craft at night.  Period.  So my step by step pictures will always look like crap.  Truth be told, even in the day my house doesn’t have the best lighting for photography so my lot in life is to take crappy pictures for my blog and you my dear readers get to suffer through looking at them.  Sorry!  Can you just trust me that the fabric doesn’t actually look like that?  Thanks.

Here, this might help…a picture taken during daylight hours…I love this fabric!

There are only 6 pieces of fabric using this method but there is A LOT of pinning.  Made my own piping again using Miss Mustard Seed’s tutorial.  The cover for the cushion is also removable (used velcro for the first time) and therefore washable in the washing machine!  Yay because it is in a high traffic play area!


Once I finished the cushion I couldn’t resist taking a photo, I still needed to but up a new curtain rod, hem the curtains, put them up, apply soft wax to the newly painted furniture, take the tape off of the hardware etc…but after working for two nights on this I was ready to say done!


****updated November 26th 2012**** and since I wrote this post ages ago and because I still haven’t gotten around to taking a “good” photo of the finished project (and okay maybe it is also due to not hemming those curtains yet…and still not applying that soft wax, ahem), I’m going to post this now.  And it WILL motivate me to finish those things left undone.  Right?  : )


What are you making lately?





5 responses

  1. you are amazing Kelli! that birthday party…the bomb! and the craftiness! wow! that window seat is impressive. tell me that one day I’ll have energy to craft or for that matter do anything at night sometime again soon right? in the morning i always say ya, tonight once the kids are sleeping…i’ll do this and this and this.. and then it is a big deal just to brush my teeth.

  2. Gorgeous project! Where do you get such great fabric? I want to start re-upholstering some chairs but all the fabric I see is worse than what’s on them now.

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