The prompt game

As promised here are the very first two paintings I did as part of this course.  The second week we did some work in sketchbooks and in the third week we moved into painting.  I made this painting using the “prompt game’.  This game was designed to loosen us up.  Basically you put a bunch of prompts written on paper into a bowl and pull them out one by one.  You do what the prompt tells you for two minutes.  Then you pull out another prompt.  I loved pulling “add a splash of red” and was terrified by “paint with your eyes closed”!!  Ack!  It definitely took me out of my comfort zone and I was prepared for some HIDEOUS paintings.  But I’m actually quite pleased with the results and once I got going, I had a BLAST!  Check out painting number two:

I know they are not perfect but I was so excited to have actually painted something that resembles…er, a painting?  I loved the freedom that having to follow instructions gave me…I’m not responsible for all that white that went over everything else – the game made me do it!  Without the responsibility for having decided to do what is on the canvas I was free to just enjoy the process and I learned a ton about how paint works.  I can’t recommend Sarah’s class enough!


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