A room of her own: part II

I did get momentarily sidetracked by helping Lil’S with her art space but eventually, slowly, I put this together:

Yes, it is at the bottom of my basement stairs and right upside the cast iron sewer pipe.  Yep.  But it is my space.  I can craft and paint and sew my little heart out here.  The good news is it does have a window and since I’ve taken this picture I replaced the white sheet (that is hiding our shoe rack) with a curtain rod and a curtain.  I couldn’t be more pleased!

Pages and Paint has been an amazing course so far.  The first week we were charged with setting up our spaces, gathering supplies and making an inspiration wall.  This is mine:

My favourite part is this picture that Lil’S drew of me when she was really little.  This thrifted picture frame turns it into a true masterpiece don’t you think?

I know this next picture is kind of out of focus but see if you can spot the vintage map of Nipigon, Jellicoe and Geralton!!  A little piece of home.

The thing is I find the easiest time to take pictures and get work done is at night so my photos are of questionable but sharable quality.  This one is a bit clearer:

The old picture is one of my grandma and my great-grandma ploughing a field with a horse-drawn plough.  I love the “attachments” bit.  It is the top of an old box of singer sewing machine parts.

What a gorgeous shelf, you say?  You recognize the colour don’t you?  Yes, it is true this is another of my Chalk paint wonders.  And yes, it is the same colour as the paint for the fantastic metal shelf transformation...from the same can of paint actually.  I wasn’t kidding when I said this stuff goes a long way!  This is project number three for one can!  This is what it looked like before:

A really crazy, awful MDF faux wood disaster that I’d been hanging onto since I lived at home.  It was almost trashed in the last move and now it has found new life.

Nothing like a cheerful paper bunting to hide wiring…sigh.  It isn’t perfect but already I have made more art here than I did before I had a dedicated space with everything I need out and ready to go.  Just one more reason why I am so grateful to the creative and amazing women over at Squam Art Workshops.  If you need an artistic kick in the pants they are the people to see!

I can’t wait to share with you my creations from Page and Paint though…next post I promise!


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