And we turn once again to chalk paint…

I did warn you in yesterday’s post.  And really you have already seen the finished project so why not share the transformation.  You may have noticed the two matching end tables on either side of the couch.  They started out as cheap, dirty yet suitable (and most importantly, matching)  tables found at the flea market down the road.  The pair of them cost $40.

See?  See how dirty?  Perhaps you can’t tell…

Surely now you can see the difference now?  We polished the brass bits and washed the table with soap and water and that my friends is the only prep we did.  Enter one sample size jar of Chalk Paint…for both tables.  Yep, one.  Love this stuff.

I love it!  No odour so I can paint to my heart’s content inside after the girls are in bed.

Much better don’t you agree?

I finished these in the winter and they have stood the test of time…so has every other piece I’ve painted using this stuff really.  I’m working up my confidence to do the kitchen cupboards…


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