Happy Summer Solstice

I am not a born gardener.  I am a born flower appreciator but really that is where my skills end.  Before we moved into this house it had only been owned by one other family.  My 91-year-old neighbour Jean has told me a little bit about this family.  The mother, Flora was an exceptional gardener.  And so through no talents of my own, we enjoyed Lily of the Valley, tulips of all kinds, Irises, Hostas, Lillies this Spring.  And now for summer we walk out into the backyard to take in all of these…

This beauty started poking through the growing grasses overtaking the flower beds.  Thank goodness I waited until now to start pulling “weeds” or we might have missed it!

So many roses!

And climbing vines!

Oh and peonies…these don’t grow where I’m from…

And Mrs. Iverson’s favourite snowballs to remind us of what did grow in our forest home.  I’m loving summer already!


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