A collection of Loveliness…

A collection of the loveliness in my life right now.  Making this list helped me focus on the good all around me instead of the depressing lack of snow.  Well, making the list and flying back home in search of winter…I filled my weekend with cross-country skiing, skating and snow.  More on that trip later (er, like when the camera I forgot there comes back to me in the mail heh, heh, ahem).

For now, I am loving…

putting up our Valentine decorations in our new home (made from a tutorial on the internet somewhere I just can’t remember where…if anyone know who is the creator of this garland please let me know so I can give them credit!!).

a rare morning alone, in bed, with only my computer…

The girls love of dress up at the moment…

Scandinavian inspired hats…

that the girls won the Rockport Winter Festival’s Toboggan decorating contest…again!

dinner dates with friends followed by live music at the skating rink…

did I mention the rink?  I LOVE the rink.  Thank goodness for it as well…with this winter being so mild the community rinks didn’t stand a chance and it has been the one winter activity we’ve been able to do reliably!

and of course the post skating hot chocolate is a favourite as well.  Cheers!

Beds that turn into forts (before the new mattress arrives : )…

and of course I love the kids that live in the fort…pretty darn cute if you ask me.

and finally I’m loving walking Lil’S to school on the weeks I’m off call…we take our time, chat and chew gum, a scandalous activity (aka not permitted at school).  We took a break on a bench to take this pic.

Sigh, so much loveliness…now if it would just snow some more!!




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