Let there be light…

While we are on the topic of home…our new home is lovely vintage find in and of itself.  Some of you have asked for more pictures.  I can’t simply post a bunch of pics that take you on a boring traditional tour of the place now can I?  Certainly not in this day and age what with who-knows-who reading this and pictures of entrances and exits etc…so we can explore in other ways.  First, the lighting.

This lovely hangs in the master bedroom.

Isn’t it something?  I looks just like the sun…the girls call it the Rapunzel light (watch the movie and you’ll know why)…

And yes, you heard correctly…I said “hangs in the master bedroom”.  Because it does.  Hang I mean.  By three of the little metal bead string thingies.  I’ve never seen anything like it before.

Now this next one is in the upstairs bathroom and may go a bit beyond my love of vintage…what do you think?

Kind of “so-out-there-it-is-cool” eh?  It may cross the line.  But it stays.  For budget reasons mainly but also until I decide if I like it.

The craziest part about it is the plug-in on the base…can you see it?  It is right there.  That black thing on the top of the metal bit, close to the wall.  It used to be pointed down towards the mirror…and the sink.  It now points (safely) up thanks to my super-duper electrician Caroline who put in a real (read grounded) three-pronged plug-in in the wall.

Ah yes, the hallway light…wouldn’t be a vintage house without grapevines somewhere now would it?

I swear I’ve seen the kitchen light in every decorating magazine put out in 2011…

But probably my most favourite is the one that hangs in Lil’S’ room.

I LOVE IT!  Art Nouveau or 1920s or 1930s glamour light…er, or something…

You may have noticed that I featured only a few lights and that is because the light in the addition is an awful “from my 1980s childhood” nightmare light, same for the downstairs bathroom and there is no way I’m sharing the dining room light we inherited.  No way.  I’m gonna change that one.  But not now due to those pesky budget concerns.

Maybe I’ll get to a post about the dining room soon and then I can pick your brain for lighting ideas…for now I’ll browse pinterest for ideas while I save my pennies.


2 responses

  1. I love them all and if you are ever replacing I get first dibs. the Kitchen one is just like ones in my grandmothers kitchen and you know how i feel about grapevines (my greek fetish) I can’t wait to see the ugly ones I’ll probably love them too!

  2. I am searching for vintage lights right now for my bathroom and dining room. Maybe the dining room light that you want to get rid of is just the thing I’ve been looking for????

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