A room of her own…

Lil’S and Mrs. Iverson share a room.  Up until now they have loved it.  Once we announced that we were moving, Lil’S decided that this would be a great time for her to have a room of her own.  Her room was probably the first room to feel complete (if you don’t count the quilt I’ve been working on for two years heh, heh…ahem).

This my favourite corner…a little reading nook.  The shelf was a freebie and needs some (chalk) paint and I have plans for some bean bags or over-sized pillows (like these) for getting comfy while reading.

The number cards were a gift from Auntie Patty and were purchased from Kol Kids in Toronto.  I adore them.

The bed.  Ah, the bed.  Probably my best thrifty find yet in that I found it on the side of the road.  I sanded it and painted it and I think it looks great.  I did have to search around for some bed rails because one of the originals was broken.  I found some at Balleycanoe that fit (thanks John, I know I said to bring you a Timmies next time I was out but would a shout out on my blog do until you’re open again?)…the only draw back was they were shorter than the original rails.  This means that there is no extra space for the comforter.  There are solutions to this.  One is to bring the original rails to be recast. (= expensive) or special order a matress and boxspring to size (also expensive).  For now, I just squish the comforter in.  Not ideal but for a side of the road find, I don’t mind.  It works.  And it is beautiful don’t you think?

I think the details are amazing.  They certainly don’t make beds like this any more.

I think what makes this room feel finished is that we have put up pictures and put out the requiste “knick-knacks”.  The painting above was acquired at the Women’s Art Festival a few years ago.  I still love it.  Kitties, purple colour…but a different kind of “girlie”.  As I was putting it up I noticed on the back it had the artists website written in pencil.  I don’t know if she is doing more recent work but it is worth checking out.

And then, her space wouldn’t be complete without a quote from Henry David Thoreau now would it?

I’ll have to update this post once the quilt is done, and maybe the bean bags, and maybe a shot of the girl herself playing her pink guitar on her bed as she is known to do quite a lot lately….there is quite a lot of room to grow in here after all.

****updated to add…guess who came to visit?*****


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  1. LOVE your room Scarlotti. Kelli, I remember when you bought that lovely painting. It looks great in her room. Can’t wait to see what will evolve for Miss Iverson.

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