Countdown to Solstice

…and a birthday…and Christmas…and the day we move…

“How many more days ’til ____?” is a question that is getting asked a lot these days.  Answers:  ” 19 days”, “15 days”, “7 days”, and “22 days” (at the time of writing this post).  Sometimes we respond with the more generic “soon honey”.

Because there is so much going on lately, so much to look forward to, to plan for and maybe to have a growing anxiety over, I decided we needed a fun way to count down to some important life events.  I saw this version of an advent calendar at Maya Made and knew I had to make one.

Then I realized we have a move, a birthday, Solstice and Christmas to get ready for and so the family and I made a “toned down” but perfectly lovely version last night in about 30 minutes.

I encourage you to click on the links to the Maya Made version.  If you have the time her version is so lovely.  If you are like me and are strapped for time because you decided to make it RIGHT NOW then do what I did: grab a cork board (that was wedged behind your craft table upstairs gathering dust), and old receiving blanket to cover the cork board (use staple gun to staple to the back), ric rac in whatever colours you have on hand, foam stickers in the shape of snowflakes and snowmen, a marker and paperclips.  Since you had no time to collect toilet paper rolls you’ll need to pull them out of unused toilet paper rolls and your toilet paper for the next month or so will look like this:

And finally, if you are like me you made this project after the 1st of December roll with it and start it on whatever day you made it on (or if you are like Scarlett make it retroactive to the 2nd since you love to draw the number two).  Our calendar doesn’t exactly countdown to Christmas (yet) either…we’ll need to buy more toilet paper rolls or beg for some from family and friends to finish the project.  The most fun will be filling these with delicious treats and then eating them…

Happy countdowning to all!

PS you also need a sewing machine to close the bottom of the toilet paper rolls.  If you don’t have one I’m sure tape or staples would work just fine.


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    • Oh my goodness! Thanks so much for taking the time to come over and check it out…Maybe “toned down” isn’t the best description…”more basic” or “made with what was on hand” : ). I simply love your blog and your creations. Peace.

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