Waiting for Santa…and snow!

Waiting for Santa

This year, as we have for the past four years, we gathered with friends to line the streets of Gananoque for the Annual Santa Claus Parade.  As I snapped pictures of the kids enjoying the free hot chocolate, candy canes and sweets, I was struck by how big they looked all of a sudden.  There is nothing like an annual event to mark the passing of time and to remind you how fast it all goes.  So I took a deep breath, a sip of hot chocolate and savoured the moment.

A sight never before seen in Canada

I also didn’t sweat the fact that my daughter was running around in a SHORT SLEEVED T-SHIRT!!!  Pinch me!  My usual bag stuffed with snowpants, hats, mitts and fleece blankets to cover the curb so that little bottoms can sit comfortably whilst they wait for Santa was totally unnecessary given the unseasonably warm weather.  Fortunately we still had the singing, the lights, the dancing and general merry-making to get us all into the celebration.

The theme of the war of 1812?!

I admit I don’t really understand having a war theme for a Santa Claus parade.  Sure the musket firing was neat and soldiers looked sharp in their uniforms but isn’t this season about peace?


This guy was hands down my favourite character in the parade.  He looks so cheery! I  nearly fell over when his stick arm waved!!  What a great costume.

The big guy himself.

When Santa and Mrs. Claus arrived the kids were beside themselves with happiness! I don’t mind the kids loving a man who brings presents to all and promotes goodwill and peace – that is the kind of celebrity culture I can get behind.

The season officially starts now.  All we need is some snow!



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