A sunshine birthday.

Ivy’s party was so much fun!  The girls were so excited from the moment they got up in the morning.  Scarlett drew Ivy some happy birthday wishes on the chalk board, they got dressed up and then undressed given how long they had to wait before the party started, then dressed again in something different, and on it went until our guests arrived.  Auntie T arrived with the fantastic Sunshine Cake.  Family and good friends arrived.  I had covered a few kid’s tables in paper and so the kids drew sunshine pictures on the paper and decorated their loot bags (that they would fill with the loot from the piñata later).  Some of the kids just played in the backroom while the adults enjoyed catching up with one another.

Then came the piñata…I was so nervous as I was making it.  Was it too thin?  How many layers was I supposed to put on anyways.  The internet was consulted again.  And again.  I read that three layers was minimum standard…phew!  That was all I had time for.  Terrified that it would collapse the moment it was suspended, I waited until the very last-minute to do so.  I shouldn’t have worried.  Look at the pictures!  13 children of various ages and abilities whacked, hit, and smashed that thing each taking three turns!  It fell.  We put it back up.  It was dented, dinged, cracks formed. But it would. not. break.  Darn it!  Everyone reassured me that it was the spongy bat the kids were using and not my piñata making skills. It was still fun to watch the kids have at ‘er and ripping it open and letting the contents fly was very satisfying I must say.  Oh, and I think it looked pretty darned pretty.  Don’t you think?

Then when the pulled pork, corn and black bean salad, veggie and fruit trays, cheese and crackers and of course the cake, were eaten. When the presents were all opened.  It was time to say good-bye.  We sent our guests off with loot bags full of piñata treats, sunshine play dough, and homemade acorn necklaces and hopefully some very happy memories.



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