Harvest time!

Earlier this month we visited our favourite apple orchard, Waddell Apples.

Apparently we came right after a huge rush and the “pick your own” was almost picked over.  So we formed teams.  One adult + one child = ability to reach the highest apples.

Of course there was plenty of time for goofing around…and sampling.

Grandpa definitely put us all to shame…this is what 50 lbs of apples looks like!   We took home 30 lbs ourselves.  We may have added a few other varieties from the on-site store, like these Macouns and the most delicious apples I have ever tasted, the Honeycrisp.  You simply must try them!

I would love to have an apple cider press like this.  I think it would be the perfect addition to our Autumn Equinox celebrations.  I found this do-it-yourself blueprint in Mother Earth News.  Maybe we’ll work on it over the winter, spring and summer.  We should have it done by fall ; ).

For now I’ll settle on making some applesauce and apple jellies and fresh out the basket apples as well.


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