Salmanders, Worms and Frogs, oh my!

frog pond …
a leaf falls in
without a sound 

Bernard Lionel Einbond

We are extraordinarily lucky to live right in the middle of the Frontenac Arch Biosphere which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  There are plenty of animals and little critters sharing this natural paradise.  The number of jars with holey lids that litter my kitchen are testament to the number of woodland and wetland friends who are brought home for a closer look.

These little guys live in our favourite frog pond at Grammie and Grampa’s.

Ivy’s prince-to-be is a green frog.  Learn more about him here and if you’d like you can become a Frog Watcher and send your frog filled info to the scientists tracking them here.

The resources through the Toronto Zoo “adopt a pond” program are really incredible.  The perfect resource for our little Worm Watchers:

Our favourites are our backyard salamanders though.  We think these are Eastern Redback Salamanders:

We starting to talk about where all of these friends will be spending the winter.  These facts sheets or Nature Notes (dating back to 1984) from my new favourite naturalist resource, ON Nature Magazine, are just the thing to get us started.


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