Of acorns and birthdays…

The girl’s birthdays are coming up which means we’ve been spending a lot of time talking about how we should celebrate, where we should celebrate and most importantly, there has been much discussion about what we should put in the loot bags.

Suggestions have included everything from “treats” (a very broad category), to larger and more impractical items such as “painting easels” and then to vague ideas of “fun surprises” and  “crafts we make”.

Crafts?  Gosh I love these girls.  I can do that!

We got straight to work thinking of crafty ideas.  I stumbled across these acorn necklaces from the Fall 2011 edition of Rhythm of the Home. Perfect.

First we needed to gather some acorns…

then we had daddy help drill two holes in the top of each acorn hat…

we had a blast making wool balls from a left over wool roving stash…

and once the balls were dry, we matched them with the appropriately sized hat…

the next bit took a bit more mama power to thread the string through the hats and to help little hands use a hot glue gun hence the lack of pictures (please do check out the tutorial on the Rhythm of the Home website…it is super easy to follow with much better pictures)…

Et voilà!  Our first hand crafted loot bag item.  Not to mention a green loot bag option as well!


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