A visit to the pumpkin patch

The patch

First, a bumpy wagon ride out to find the perfect place to pick your pumpkins

Auntie snapping a photo of Lil'S snapping a photo

Thousand Islands Papa contribution...nice and creepy - more of a Hallowe'enish pic

Back to Lil'S and her photojournalism

Headless Papa caught on film!

Uncle M in vivid colour

for those not inclined to take the wagon out to the field...

pumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkins

don't forget to lose yourself in the corn maze on your way out!

Such a lovely way to celebrate Thanksgiving with family.  We went over to our cousins’ house after and made pumpkin muffins and drank apple cider.  So simple.

Photos by Scarlett

In the Thousand Islands Area?  Check out Fruition Berry Farm


3 responses

  1. we loved seeing these pix from our fun trip to the pumpkin patch. Scarlett was so intent on snapping photos, and it seems (of course) that she’s got quite an eye for composition. She even inspired Gabe to start taking pictures, and saying he thinks photojournalism is cool. Though, his pictures are of lego car crashes set up by his own self. sigh.
    Happy Turkey Day, all!

  2. I loved the tour of the pumpkin patch. Keep up the good work on the photojournalism Scarlett. Great pictures. I can’t wait to tell Uncle Ron you are planning to follow in the Poling family legacy. Get Mom to show you Uncle Ron’s website for more inspiration.

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