Backyard Science

My little science explorer

Scarlett has decided lately that she wants to “do some science” more often.  After a few messy but fun science experiments inside in the kitchen, it was time to take this science bug outside.  We are blessed to have a fantastic yard for…well, for everything.  Today it served as a great location for a biology lesson.  Josh and Scarlett set out with clipboard in hand to document the littlest critters who call our backyard home.

First they staked out an area 1 metre by 1 metre , then they carefully moved back the top layer of leaves, moss and sticks to see who was living underneath.

Scarlett was very serious about getting down every detail and drew each insect she saw on her paper so she could identify it later.  I was impressed with her enthusiasm.

I think mister centipede is my favourite.  Look at how happy he seems to be living in our yard!

If you look closely you can see that she wrote the number of each kind of insect she saw.  When she came inside she looked up what each bug was…I’m just not so sure that “roly poly bug” is a real insect name.  Next we’ll teach her how to cite her sources correctly.

She seems to have the same curiosity as her scientist Aunt Laura!


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